• 01/10/2015

Triggerpoint celebrates 5th anniversary!

Market research facility Triggerpoint in Rotterdam, inspired by international customer insights agency SKIM, is celebrating its fifth anniversary in October. Triggerpoint was established by Dirk Huisman, SKIM Chairman, and Marcel Slavenburg, Research Director Qualitative at SKIM.

Marcel Slavenburg: “In 2010, we opened the doors to Triggerpoint. It was the culmination of my years of experience working as a qualitative market researcher.”

In the past five years, Triggerpoint has built up a loyal customer base. Clients from many different sectors, ranging from market research agencies to healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods, frequent this modern research facility. In the coming years, Jeroen van den Hoven, Studio Director at Triggerpoint, hopes to expand their clientele.

Jeroen van den Hoven: “With many of our clients, we have very close contact. New clients are joining us every month. Our Dutch as well as international clients know they can come to us for the best in qualitative market research. It’s so great to hear from them that they appreciate our mix of maximum comfort with the most advanced research technology.”